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“Una notte con Sirio” is back

With the month of August, the appointment is renewed with “A night with Sirio”, an initiative of Sirio Aps, the association responsible for the Astronomical Observatory located in the Castellana Caves at the panoramic terrace of the “Franco Anelli” Speleological Museum, which offers a rich calendar, an opportunity to observe the sky to get to know it.

Eight appointments scheduled for 2021: 6, 10, 13, 17, 19, 24, 27 and 31 August. On each date there will be a double appointment for observation: the first at 20:30 (briefing at 20:00), the second at 22:00 (briefing at 21:30). Astronomical observation includes a guided naked-eye experience of the celestial sphere and a telescope view of Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon (when visible) with Professor Niki Rizzi. To participate it is necessary to book at or by phone at 080.4998211, ticket cost € 7 per person (free for children under 8 years old), briefing at the “Franco Anelli” Speleological Museum. Observation will be possible only in favorable weather conditions. If unfavorable weather forecasts are ascertained, the evening will be postponed by telephone at least 12 hours before the event.

“A night with Sirio” enriches the summer calendar of the Castellana Caves, one of the main tourist attractions of Puglia, which for the month of August includes appointments with special Speleonight visits, to be traveled in the dark with only the light of the helmets, Hell in the Cave show, representation of Dante’s Inferno 70 meters deep, in addition to the rich proposal to visit the karst complex with the short itinerary, to be covered in about 50 minutes, and the longer one, which leads to the shining White Grotto.

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