The Caves

Accessibility to the Grotte di Castellana

The Grotte di Castellana and the C.A.S.A. consortium offer the possibility to visit the caves with itineraries dedicated to all the visitors that have a form of disability.

With a team of specialized operators, it is possible to feel the sensorial emotions that the underground environment provides, with full security.


Two types of visits are provided:

• The special visit that takes places during dedicated hours and modalities. It lasts around 90 minutes, the right duration to welcome the guests with disabilities and to allow relatives and parents to fully enjoy the stillness of the images and sounds of the caves in a magic atmosphere.

The group, lead and assisted byt the operators of the C.A.S.A. consortium, access the caves through the elevators placed in the big Grave, and proceeds for 400 meters, along the accessible way: from the Grave to the Caverna della Fonte (Cave of the source).

• The visit to the Grotte Bianca (White cave), more challanging. It lasts 3 hours and is 3 km long.

It is possible, moreover, to discover the Grotte under a different light during the Speleonight: a special excursion led by two speleologists, using only the light of the security helmets, provided to the visitors. The led lights of the helmets allows to watch, in the silence, the tiniest life forms that inhabit the caves.
The way back takes place with the lights on, to allow the visitors to watch the real size of the Grotte, its details, the vastness of the various caves.

The visit can be anticipated with an introduction in the “Franco Anelli” speleological museum (located near the elevators). Alternatively, the visit can be completed in the museum at the end of the visit. The access to the museum can be demanded by the group, and is provided for free by the C.A.S.A. consortium.

The service provides consulting via telephone and web, and complete assistance, from the start of the visit until the end.

Please note that the accessbility is granted for wheelchairs not wider than 65 cm


The caves are accessible to people, groups with different disabilities, people with wheelchairs with relatives and parents.
Specialized accompanist will be adequate to the composition of the group.
The excursion is recommended for people with physical, physic and sensorial disabilities.
The guests will be asked to fill out an informative form about the psychophysical condition of the visitors, that outline the compatibilities with the microclimate and the characterics of the Grotte.


The access to the Grotte will take place during dedicated hours (9:00 AM and 2:00 PM).
• Partial itinerary: 1 hours and 15 miutes
• Complete itinerary (with Grotta Bianca): 3 hours


Thanks to the costant temperature that is present inside the caves, it is possible to visit the site during all the seasons. The afternoon visits during the month of August are not advised.


• Integrated laboratories
• A simbolic travel in the lab of Mother Earth

The C.A.S.A. consortium offers the possibility to visit the caves through the experience in the Globality of the Languages. It allow the integration and the valorisation of the different abilities. The visit to the Grotte is a simbolic travel that allows the encounter between the Body of the Person and the Body of Mother Earth.
The visitors will be led to the hearing of the exploration and to receive with all the sens the musicality of the Nature.
The natural environment of the grotte is a site that is not only physical, but also native-affective, that can be discovered in every rock, in every stone, in every drop, in every form.
The laboratories provide an introductional meeting, before the visit. It is a psycological-sensorial meeting that gives the visitors (groups or students) the teoric notions and personal tools, to dive in the underground environment, rich of proprioceptive, tactile, auditory and synesthetic feelings. The visitors will become active explorers and protagonists of their own travel, together with the travel mates.

After the visit, a meeting takes place, in order to rework the experiences lived.


For information about the costs and estimates contact the C.A.S.A. consortium at the number: 0039 347 2188264 or at the email address, or at the phone/fax 0805575028

Progetto C.A.S.A. alle Grotte di Castellana

The C.A.S.A. consortium

The C.A.S.A. consortium was founded by the Association of the families “Mano a Mano” from Bari, and A.So.Tu.Dis from Gioia del Colle. It is run by Cooperatives that operate for the accessibility and the social integration. It proposes activities that answers the actual needs of the person and its family, throught the realisation of the “Life Project”, with educative, rehabilitation and integration moments.
The Consortium offers adequate services for every need. In particular, a individualized route is provided, in order to promote the autonomy of the poeple with disabilities using rehabilitative and educative integrate methods, as horse therapy, music therapy, swimming, psychomotor, home tutoring, theater, family support.
The C.A.S.A. consortium organizes the activities outside the Grotte, enabling the partipation of the visitors that can not or do not want to enter the caves.

Stallattiti delle Grotte di Castellana


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