The Caves

Speleo Night is an exclusive tour of the Grotte di Castellana in the dark, it is for groups of 8 people at least and is made after the closing to the public.

Visitors are led by guides of the Gruppo Speleologico Grotte (Speleological Group) equipped with helmet, canister and acetylene lighting: this serves to show during the walk, colors, feelings and emotions experienced by the early explorers.

The expert speleological guides lead participants in a unique excursion, during which you will hear the sounds of the caves and observe the wildlife that populates it, or try intense emotions like to proceed in solitude for a while.

The visit

A truly unique experience, it starts from the Grave where is explained the development of the special visit and educated the participants to experience the adventure as true explorers and especially to further develop all the senses available.

We proceed in the dark in the Caverna della Lupa, where you can admire the gray water droplets (illuminated with LEDs) , and then you reach the cave of monuments where all lights, except the acetylene ones, are switched off and you will feel the effect enjoyed by the early explorers.

At this point the walk will divert from from the tourist one and you will venture inside the Caverna del Corallo that is small branch with a great beauty.

Returned to the tourist route in the Caverna della Civetta, will be explained the flora and fauna of the caves seeking the forms of animal (much more easily visible with this mode of access) and explained the evolution of the same. In this cave the group is divided into two and proceed in two parallel corridors that will bring in the same cave (La Caverna del Precipizio): we will try to give you the real feeling of exploration.

At the corridor of the desert you will live a very exciting moment: all the visitors will walk 500m corridor in total solitude to find a real “contact” with the cave, a real “intimacy” with Mother Earth. After this the group will proceed to the Caverna della Torre di Pisa enhancing the colors and the speleothems.

At the Caverna della Cupola all the lights (including acetylene ones) will be switched off to give absolute darkness that will enhance the sense of hearing and the perception of the many drops that fall to the ground dripping from the ceiling. The sounds are as sweet as surprising.

Once in the Grotta Bianca, you will pass from darkness to intense and pure white enanched by the artificial lights. You will stop a few minutes and the guides will explain the wonderful concretions and provide some more detailed news on speleogenesis and geology of underground.

The return to the Grave will be made with the artificial lights of the electrical system of caves that will be able to admire the “macroscopico”, the majesty of the caves after admiring the magic and diversity of “microspopico” in the path in the dark (the frontal lamps enhance the beauty and the treasures hidden in small niches).

Back in the grave, you will go up with elevator to the museum where will deliver helmet and fill out a satisfaction questionnaire for statistical purpose.

Speleonight - Le Grotte di Castellana

Grotte di Castellana - Ladogana

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