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Speleo Junior


Target group: preschool / kindergarten, 5-year-old children

With a naturalistic / geological imprint, it particularly thrills children, who will feel like explorers for a day. Equipped with a professional speleologist helmet with an electric front light attached, we set off for the exploration in the dark. Immersed in an almost fantastic dimension, the young participants will easily become aware of their feelings and emotions.

Didactic-educational objectives

  • Instructing children to respect the environment and improve the relationship with the surrounding nature
  • Educating to listen to the environment and one’s emotional response
  • Raising awareness of the importance of water and the problems related to underground pollution


  • History of the discovery and exploration of the Caves of Castellana
  • Exploratory techniques and history of spelunking
  • Brief geology of karst environments
  • Notions of biology and ecology
  • Information on the protection and preservation of the cave environment

Methods and activities

By exploring an alternative sidearm off the common tourist route, not illuminated by  lights, other than those on their helmets, the young participants will be stimulated to a multi-sensory exploration of the cave environment, and learn to observe and resolve problems related to underground systems.
Simple but effective experiments will be alternated to explain animal or human adaptation to extreme environments and evolved troglophilic or troglobal life forms.


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