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A stroll into the past


Target group: Elementary school and lower middle school

What phenomena have created the rocks of our territory? What climatic phases have characterized and conditioned life on it? What living beings populated it? What are fossils?

A geological excursus that will allow us to reconstruct, through the analysis of rock samples, minerals and fossils in the laboratory, the main stages of the formation of our territory, retracing the history from the first stages of its genesis, in the distant Mesozoic.

Didactic-educational objectives

  • Stimulating interest in Earth sciences
  • Promoting knowledge of natural phenomena, with particular attention to geological and geomorphological phenomena
  • Encouraging and promoting environmental protection through knowledge of the area and its history


  • Geology, Paleontology, Mineralogy
  • Examination of the different samples of rocks, minerals and fossils
  • Notes on environmental protection and preservation

Methods and activities
Workshop with geological imprint, designed to help to understand the geomorphological phenomena, which led to the formation of the Castellana territory.

Through the analysis and direct observation of samples of rocks, minerals and fossils present in the laboratory, participants are accompanied in the knowledge of the area on a virtual journey into the past, from the most distant eras and their climatic differences, up to the present day.


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