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The complete tour of the Caves of Castellana starts in the “Grave”, the first and most extensive cavern of the underground system, a unique space that is naturally connected to the outside world. The cave boasts a length of 100 meters, is 50 meters wide and 60 meters deep. Numerous stalagmites are featured on the ground, and the most majestic group of them (named Cyclops) dominates the center of the cave.
The excursion through the grottoes winds along corridors and spaces which vary in shape and dimension.
Stalactites, stalagmites, flow-stones, columns and invaluable crystals stand out along the entire route. The names given to these spaces are fruit of the early explorers’ imagination and recall shapes believed to be recognized in the various rock formations.




Therefor we find the myth of  The She-wolf of Rome, The Cavern of Monuments, The Owl, The kneeling Mother of god, The Snake, The Altar, The Abyss, The Corridor of the Desert, The leaning Tower (of Pisa), The Red Corridor and The Dome.

The grandeur simply has no end, and every new tract holds a spell over the mind and captures the eye, until the breathtaking wonder of the ultimate highlight; the most beautiful cavern of the cave system, the White Cave, defined for its richness and alabaster-like whiteness  as “the most splendid in the world”.


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