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The visit to the Grotte di Castellana – open all year long – will be done with the help of tourist guides.

The tour brings the visitors to a depth of 70 meters, following two itineraries: the first is 1km long and lasts 50 minutes. The other is 3km long and lasts almost two hours. The temperature of the caves, costant throught the seasons, is around 18 °C. The humidity is around 90%.

The “Grave”, the first and biggest cave of all the caves, is the only cave with external access: 100 meters long, 50 meters wide and 60 meters deeep.
The part of the caves where the tour takes place consists in various habitats, which vary for dimension and shape. Stalactites, stalagmites, hangings, precious crystals are common. The names of the habitats were born from the fantasy of the explorers: “Lupa”, “Monumenti”, “Civetta”, “Madonnina”, “Altare”, “Precipizio”, “Corridoio del deserto”, “Colonna rovesciata”, “Corridoio Rosso”, “Cupola”.
In the end, the last and more beatiful cave, the “Grotta Bianca” (white cave), defined for richness and the whiteness of the alabaster, the shinest in the world.

Civetta alle Grotte di Castellana

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