Initiatives for schools

A school trip at Grotte di Castellana is a unique opportunity of “live” learning about the natural and geological phenomena that have characterized millenniums of history.

A day in the cave is an educational experience that completes the trail and enriches it with moments of discovery and surprise, contributing to the understanding of the marvelous phenomena of creation and evolution of the Earth.

Teaching is complete and suitable for students of all ages and cultural level and is treated by the Associazione Turistica e Culturale SottoSopra of Castellana Grotte that through the past experience in the field of education, culture and tourism, coordinates the offer teaching site of the famous karst.

The supporting materials available to teachers and students, assist the understanding and analysis of the curriculum

Prices for schools
Lab 4€
Brief itinerary: 5€
Complete itinerary: 10€

Documentation required: request of the head teacher, on the letterhead of the School, reported for object “Gita education.” List of participants in the visit.

For more information, please contact +39 0804998211

Escursione alle grotte