Itinerary partial

The partial visit to the caves starts from the Grave, the first and most extensive cave, the only one that make it possible for the visitor to raise his eyes searching for a corner of Puglia’s blu sky.
The route continues through strolls in the caves of timeless charm. Karst formations from the most bizarre shapes give rise to real legends: the Lupa Romana, the Cammello, the Calza, the Civetta, all these names are the fruit of the imagination of explorers who have discovered them. Columns come to life over the millennia, through the conjunction of stalactites and stalagmites, canyons almost 70 meters high, high walls that tell about the geological eras. Concretions or eccentric stalactites leaving a mystery on their crystalline formation and contrary to the laws of gravity. In the depths of the Grotte di Castellan time has stop, without other coordinates than those left by the traces of fossils that reveals the date.

La Grave - Grotte di Castellana